Ceylon Wild Safaris – An Exclusive Offer

Ceylon Wild Safaris
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An exclusive offer! Don’t miss out!

Ceylon Wild Safaris is a wilderness home to everyone. A place of fusion between simplicity and wild luxury, hosted by a family of explorers, gifted with a thirst for adventure and governed by an ethical code. We are lovers of nature and the ways in which we are nurtured by it.

Allow the Ceylon Wild Safaris family to take you on a journey where safari guides read the tales told by the sands and the stars.

This exclusive offer, applicable to Sri Lankan citizens and resident visa holders is valid for booking upto the 28th of February 2021.

Contact us now to find out more about the Ceylon Wild Safaris experience and join the family for one of our amazing adventures!

WhatsApp- https://wa.me/c/94777998689
Contact – 0777998689

Yala Ceylon Wild Safaris

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